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Forestry Services

Timber, Logging, & Land Management

Triest Forest Products is a full service logging and land management company. At any given time we have crews operating in almost every county of the U.P. and Northern Wisconsin.  Our foresters work directly with landowners to help them achieve their desired goals. Everyone wants something a little different out of their property, and it is our main objective to help landowners achieve their goals in a simple and efficient process. This can include long term timber stand management, wildlife habitat development, enhanced recreational use, and increased monetary returns.

We have the equipment and expertise to help landowners develop roadways and building sites,  wildlife habitat and forest openings, food plots, trail systems and ponds.

Forestry Services

Our foresters work directly with each landowner in planning what type of harvest to conduct, and to determine the land type to make sure its harvested in a way that minimizes environmental impacts on your property. They will mark property boundaries and set up the harvest area for our operators.


We coordinate deliveries with multiple mill locations throughout Michigan and Wisconsin depending on species and wood quality.  This allows us to give our clients the best return for each product on their timber sale.

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